How to Tell If You Need a New Roof

Look At Your Roof...

Some people do not take the time to look at their roof. They may see it as they pull into the driveway, but they really do not look at it at all. People should inspect their roof on a regular basis, especially after a rain storm. Depending on the climate you live in may determine what type of roof that you have. However, doing a little preventive maintenance roof check at least two times a year can save you a large roof repair bill in the future.
You can fix most of the roof repairs yourself, if you are good at doing your own home improvements. In some areas roofs have tar shingles that do a good job in insulating your home. In other areas, you may see homes with tar and gravel covering the roof. In other areas people may chose to use slate roofing to add context to the type of style they have chosen, such as a Spanish style home. No matter what type of roof it is, repairing small things will put money back in your wallet.
There are ways which you can tell if your roof needs repairing that you can notice on the inside of your home as well. One way is to inspect the ceiling to ensure that there are no brown spots forming around the ceiling tile, or around any of the light fixtures. You also need to check to make sure there is no sagging in any of the roof trusses or the roof decking. This can be viewed best from the attic. Also check to see if there is any light coming through the roof. Many times when a home has been newly constructed, roofers will miss a rafter with the nails, and once the nail has been pulled out, it will leave a hole for rain to fall into.
Things that you should look for on the top of your roof should include checking all of your flashing’s. Over time the tar around the flashing tends to get hard and crack; so you will need to cover the flashing’s with new tar. During the time that you are checking the rest of your roof; if you have tar shingles, you should check for any shingles that may be bulging out, or buckling somehow. In humid climates, you may see some algae growing along some of your shingles, especially if you have trees growing over your roof.
You should also check your rain gutters for any amounts of granules that may have washed away from your shingles; this is a sign of wear, and a good indication that you should have the shingles replaced. In some climates people will use wood shingles on their roof. Cedar is usually the best choice for this because it lasts about 20 years; however, you should not forget about algae or moss buildup. Each type of roof has a certain amount of time that they are good for protecting your home; however, the elements will have a lot to do with how often you will need to replace it. If you live in a snowy region, and end up having to replace your entire roof, you may want to consider a metal roof. A metal standing-seam roof is very durable and lightweight. However, they should also be inspected twice a year.
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