About Roofing Insulation

Roofing insulation refers to certain materials capable of inhibiting the flow of energy, which influences the heat loss or gain of a structure. In this way roofing insulation conserves energy.

There are 5 main roof insulation materials:

  1. Foamed In Place - polyurethane foam that reduces air leaks by providing a continuous layer of foam. Our expert roofers apply this roof insulation by metering, mixing, and spraying it into place.
  2. Blankets – roll material made from mineral fibers.
  3. Rigid Roof Insulation – fibrous or plastic foam boards. This is possibly the most beneficial roof insulation material.
  4. Blow In - loose fill roofing insulation, usually fiber pellets that are added into attics or building cavities.
  5. Reflective Roof Insulation – aluminum foil backed by polyethylene, Kraft paper, plastic film, cardboard, or bubbles.
Whatever kind of roof insulation material you are interested in installing, replacing, repairing, or servicing, we have a team of professional roofers excelling in the relevant field, who can cater to the requirements of the project and roof insulation material.
*Information above provided by roof101.com