What is the 400N Tariff?

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The 400N Tariff is an optional rules and regulations document that is designed to protect the consumer. Among other things.
It guarantees:
  1. Movers must give written estimates.
  2. Movers may give binding estimates.
  3. Non-binding estimates are not always accurate; actual charges may exceed the estimate. HOWEVER, 400N Tariff movers will often offer "not to exceed" weight-based estimates based on your reported inventory.
  4. You may request from your mover the availability of guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.
  5. You have the right to be present each time your shipment is weighed.
  6. You may request a reweigh of your shipment.
  7. Movers must offer a dispute settlement program as an alternative means of settling loss or damage claims (though details vary per mover--ask about this). You may request complaint information about movers from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration under the Freedom of Information Act. You may be assessed a fee to obtain this information.
  8. You should seek estimates from at least three different movers. You should not disclose any information to the different movers about their competitors, as it may affect the accuracy of their estimates. See our Tips On Negotiation.
  9. Movers must offer a minimum level of insurance on all property (currently 60 cents per pound per item).
*Information above was gathered from www.movinghints.com
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