Long Distance Movers

Any move can be stressful. No matter where you new residence will be, there are always added expenses, unforeseen obstacles, and unwelcome hassles to deal with along the way. When you're move will take you to a different state, however, these difficulties seem to increase tenfold. Since most homeowners will find themselves at the end of their proverbial ropes at some point during this ordeal, they are more than willing to foot the bill for anything that will lighten the load. This is where cross country moving companies are a blessing.

Why Cross Country Movers Are So Popular

The decision to hire a moving company is a big one. Not only will you have to trust some of your favorite possessions to people you don't know, you'll have a sizeable bill when the job is finished, too. These two factors are probably the biggest reasons why anyone would choose to do this job themselves. What those who opt to move themselves don't realize, though, is that cross country moving companies are not only going to make the process of relocating easier, they're going to make it a lot easier!
Cross country movers aren't cheap, but those who've used them are hardly complaining once the job is through. Reputable cross country moving companies are about more than transportation; in addition to transporting your things, they can also pack your belongings, load the trucks, unload the trucks, clean your new residence, and even put up your curtains and set up your furniture! While you drive your own car to your new location (at your own pace and without the worry that comes with driving a huge truck full of your most valuable belongings), your movers can be making the first steps in getting you set up in your new house.

Hire a Moving Company on a Budget

Of course, not everyone requires all the services that most cross country movers are likely to offer. Forgoing some of these extras can certainly save you some money, but if you really need to move on a budget (but still don't want the hassle of renting, loading, unloading, and driving the truck) skipping the bells and whistles is only half the battle.
The fact is, the most important part of hiring cross country movers is contacting multiple companies before you settle on one. Different cross country moving companies include different services in their quotes, and a quote from one company that's only slightly higher may actually include several additional services that make it a bargain. The only way to know what's out there and what the going rate on the exact services you want is to do the legwork. Even if you do end up picking the first company you spoke with, at the very least you'll never have any doubt that you got the best service at the best price. While it might seem like a pain at first, when you're relaxing in your new home after a surprisingly stress-free move, you'll be happy you took the extra time to speak with several companies.

Alternatives to Cross Country Moving Companies

When it comes to true coast-to-coast moves, the only truly viable options are to hire a moving company or rent a truck and do it yourself. However, for moves of small to moderate distances, a new alternative has popped up in the form of portable storage units known as PODS.
PODS can be dropped off at your home well before your actual moving date, allowing you to pack and load your belongings at a less-frantic pace. Once the unit is full and moving day is upon you, you simply make a request for pick-up and the unit will be brought by truck to your new home, where you can unload it at your own pace, as well. This method certainly takes some of the headache out of moving, however, it should be noted that any financial advantage it offers is all but eliminated for very long distance moves. Even though PODS works best for local moves, it never hurts to get a quote. If a POD has been emptied in your area, you may be able to get a discounted rate. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of driving your own car across the country instead of a rental truck.
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