What is an Arborist and How Can You Find One?

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Trees, as you may very well know, can do amazing things for the environment. A single tree will sequester a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. That's not all trees can do. Trees can be used to prevent erosion, reduce cooling costs, act as a windbreak and filter dirty water. If trees were an invention, they'd be the best one.
The aforementioned benefits may sway you to grow a few trees. Some people are handy enough to plant trees to maximize their benefits while keeping those trees from destroying the patio, interfering with power lines, dropping branches on the roof or impinging on the neighbor's property. If you don't think your thumb is green enough to handle all that, then you should call an arborist.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist is a technician for trees. There are arborists who fix trees in state parks and care for large and complex ecological communities of trees. You'll want an arborist who specializes in landscape ecosystems. Aborists are often employed by or own tree care services.

How to Find an Arborist

A well-trained arborist can help you choose the right kind of tree for your landscape environment and make sure that the tree is up to community standards. Arborists also tend to trees when they are sick, infested by pests or have been struck by lightning.
The ISA recommends that before you hire an arborist, make sure he or she is insured and has all the proper permits. Furthermore, they advise that you check the arborist's references before hiring and get more than one estimate. Keep in mind, the lowest bid may not be the best.


Common Arborist Certifications:

  • Municipal Specialist
  • Utility Specialist
  • Board-Certified Master Aborist
* Information above was gathered from www.treesaregood.com
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